Buon giorno. Spero abbiate riposato bene. Se usate lavorare a lungo la sera, davanti a un terminale, potrebbe interessarvi questa ricerca.


Se avete 10 min di tempo vi consiglio questo breve intervento del prof. Damasio, un neuroscienziato abbastanza noto. Non mi sono sempre ritrovato nelle sue prospettive, ma qui dice cose non banali che dovrebbero far riflettere (anche) sui bias e il tipo di “intelligenza” che viene data per scontata in relazione alla AI, in tutte le sue forme. Quei bias purtroppo sono poi amplificati nella costruzione di narrative sulla AI utili piΓΉ al business che non alla scienza.
Il titolo dato al video Γ¨ fuorviante, frutto anch’esso di bias. Sarebbe stato piΓΉ adeguato l’uso di ‘Who’ al posto del ‘What’… “Chi” Γ¨ il sΓ©, e non “cosa” Γ¨.


A new study involving native speakers of Arabic and native speakers of German shows that the areas of the brain where a language is processed, as well as the connections between these areas, vary according to the respective native language.


A new study investigates how viewing visual art affects our emotions. The findings reveal how the aesthetic experience can impact the body’s emotional response.


Our native language may affect the way in which our brains are wired and underlie the way we think, a new study reports. Using neuroimaging to analyze neural connectivity in native German and native Arabic speakers, researchers found stronger connectivity between the right and left hemispheres in Arabic speakers, and stronger connectivity in the left hemisphere language area in German speakers.


A New Field of Neuroscience Aims to Map Connections in the Brain
Scientists working in connectomics are creating comprehensive maps of how neurons connect to one another


Β«…The results show the expansion of the peripersonal space (PPS) only following real-world tool use but not virtual use, highlighting how the two types of training potentially rely on different processes.Β»


Β«The first study to show that delivering information at the natural tempo of our neural pulses accelerates our ability to learn.Β»


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