This is what your cats are secretly doing when you're not home. So if you still think that cats won't take over the world someday, think again!

The devs who made Trine must love cats. I regularly see a big cat lounging or walking around in the urbanized areas.

I've made some observations of cats in Minecraft.

As soon as you manage to tame one (sneak and feed it fish), it'll follow you around mostly like a doggo. But it won't go attack mobs like a doggo, instead it repels creepers. I knew that part already but to watch it in action is hilarious!

Creeper: "Oh, a player! *comes closer* Sssshhh..wouldn't it be a shame if you lost all your good stu--OMG WHAT IS THAT A CAT AIEEEE! FLEE FOR THE HILLS!"
And when it is done running away, rinse, repeat! Just stay near the cat, you'll be fine! 😁

And once a cat gets on your bed... they actually go lie down! See picture below! πŸ˜‚

People around here seem to like cats a lot. (can't blame them)

They also seem to like bread a lot. (can't blame them there either)

Do they also know of the comic Cat Loaf Adventures? (ridiculously enjoyable!)

This is Suske, my kitty. People asked me what he looks like. Well, that's what he looks like, a tuxedo cat! He's not too overly happy about being locked indoors in the evenings. ;)

Protip: Cardboard makes for wonderful cat traps!

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