I went snailhunting this morning. There are way too many snails and slugs. πŸ˜’

I wish them the most gruesome death for trying to kill my garden.

As if I couldn't be drenched any more.. I'm totally soaked now, lol. But I'm done for today. :P The front garden got a bigtime cleanup. It's too hot to continue, but I'm satisfied.

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I swept only half the garden so far and I'm already drenched in sweat...

And I purposefully started working in the garden this morning because it'll be impossible to do so in about 1-2 hours. :P

Heatwave incoming. :P The coming days will be a week full of 30+C temperatures.

I went and mucked around in the garden for over 2 hours today and finally, -finally-, broke up those 5 or 6 bags of soil that I had stacked up in the corner of the garden terrace for like.. uh.. 5 years?

If you want to know what an ant hotel looks like.. yeah, do the same like me and have a few bags of soil stacked up outside in the open for like forever... -.-

Anyway! I moved all of that to the part of the garden where I cleared the dead foliage and will evenly spread out the soil another time as it's way too hot now. At least the terrace's cleaned up.

I'd also better take a shower soon.. I still feel those damn ants crawling all over me.

I like it that the leaves from the grapevine can be this big, I just love gigantic leaves. Might've gotten that little bug from my granny as she used to have a jungle in her house.

So, I have gardened something fierce for over an hour, removing lots and lots of weeds in my front garden. There were a couple which were starting to grow taller than I am... so yeah, it was pretty much time for me to remove them. ;)

It's good enough for today, getting a bit too hot now and I don't fancy getting sick again. It's also almost time to close all doors and windows to keep the heat out.

I really like this gardening tool. It's basically pruning shears on a telescopic handle, which you can cut with by pulling on that rope. I can cut branches 2 meter above my head with this toy. Might need one of 3 or 4 meter in the future, because the tree's a bit higher than I can reach currently.

But at least I've managed to trim off a lot of branches which were sticking out of the tree haphazardly. I'm also going to take a well-deserved shower because it's a lot hotter than I expected. A bit too hot to work, but I managed to do most of the job in the shadow which was nice.

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I think I'm going to try out those trimming tools today that I borrow from my dad. Time to tame that tree with the murder needles!

I think ferns are my favorite plants. They're so cool to look at.

Felt a bit down today so I decided to work in the garden for a while. Now there's a corner in my backyard that's very clean, I guess that makes me feel a little better. :P

I've removed a shitton of tough grassy weeds which was almost everywhere, and then moved a lot of rubbish to the shed. It's nice to see this spot very empty for a change.

A garden view from my backdoor. I've made sure that whenever I walk under that tree (which consumes the upper half of this picture), its branches won't touch my head. Been trimming it over time for exactly this and it's great. :)

I'm not overly tall, though, so visitors will still need to duck. And they do want to duck because that tree's filled with murderous tall needles. I call them 'moordnaalden' in Dutch. :P

I like reverse image search. That way I can figure out what plants I have in my garden. :P

Another half an hour of work done in the garden, I think that's the last bit of outdoor activity for me today. It's way too hot. :P

This time I tended to my grapevine. If a leaf even has a tiny bit of mold on it, it's taken off. I'm not overly worried about the vine getting bare, it's amazing how fast this plant will regrow its leaves. I prefer nice big green leaves over drab crumpled grey ones.

I should've done this sooner, but the construction of the shed took all my attention. Ah well. The affected leaves are mostly gone now, it's just a matter of maintaining it from now on which should be easier.

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Half an hour of sweeping in the garden and I'm already totally drenched in sweat. :blobsweats:

At least the garden's largely clean now. Will tend to my grapevine soon, there are a lot of leaves with mold that I have to remove before it spreads even more. First, time to cool down a little.

Nifty detail: My old patio table fits exactly in the shed. Kinda a makeshift workbench there. :)

I think I've enjoyed enough outdoors for today. Filled a whole trailer full with large branches and brought it to the 'milieustraat' (a city-funded dump site that recycles, basically). It's a bit too hot to do more work now, we've already been at it for about 2 hours. I'll sweep and clean up my garden tomorrow if it's not too hot.

That was 3 hours of gardening (read: cutting branches into pieces and putting in the bin) today. Dad'll do the big ones with the chainsaw tomorrow. I'm definitely going to have a rest day tomorrow because I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret this... All my fingers are wrapped in bandaids and I'm going to be oh so sore. :P

Quite exhausted now. Tore down the busted back fence together with dad. Disassembled it completely and placed the planks and poles neatly in my garden, a lot can be reused.

In the near future I'll have to trim some trees that I can access now from behind. They clearly got used to the fence since a few branches are now drooping badly without that support, heh.

Today was the first nice weather in a long while. Made use of this moment to sweep my garden, there sure were a shitton of dead leaves and twigs scattered around.

Also used the broken handle of my old shovel to prop up the busted fence with so that the fence isn't that horribly tilted anymore. Let's see how long that construction'll hold, heh.

My butterfly bush actually has a butterfly on it. Who'd have thought? ;)

This bush is going to be oh so nice next year when it's managed to grow some more, can't wait! What you see in the photo is basically almost all of it, it's not that big yet but it sure has a large flowery branch already!

The other bush next to this one is still trying to recover but I think it might be able to pull through. I've placed a pole next to it to straighten it up a little bit more. I'll see if that works out.

Whelp... I guess I'll buy new garden equipment tomorrow. :P

Might actually go for a click system gardening tools this time.

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