Grabbed Lemuroid on the phone and managed to get me a Skip-bo rom somewhere. I've never owned an NDS, but my bro and sis both did, and I used to play Skip-bo on theirs.

Played a few sessions just then. Ahhhh, nice. 😁

Looks like I'm going to play a bit of Banners of Ruin now and then. It's something else than Slay The Spire at least.

I do have Monster Train as well, but somehow it didn't manage to lure me in that much. Maybe I'll try it again in a few months.

And, of course, I'll always have a few sessions of Star Realms every day. That's kinda my to-go card battler for quick sessions.

Decided to grab the latest Fanatical bundle; Showcase Bundle 2 with games like Banners of Ruin and Legend of Keepers. Saw RΓΆki in the list and decided to give it a go.

Oh gosh, that's a hidden gem of point and click games. Wonderful atmosphere oozing in Norse mythology. Meeting the JΓΆtun, having a chat with the Mother Tree, helping out some Trolls, and most important of all, find your brother! Graphics are just about right too.

Definitely very happy with this.

Ghehehe, little bug in the game. I didn't get a chance to drop the excess weapon in the last system and was forced to move forward immediately. And now I'm facing a big boss and, well, yeah. πŸ˜‹

The pope wasn't dope
So I told him nope
Called him a clown
His ship went down
And the galaxy gained hope


Finished chapter 2 of Crying Suns. Intriguing backstory so far.

So far Crying Suns is pretty sweet, but it sure is filled with conspiracy theory nuts and religious zealots.

Mmm, kinda like real life. πŸ˜‹

(I'm halfway chapter 2 now)

Grabbed Crying Suns for relatively cheap and enjoyed the first play session. Nice background story there. It was about time I am playing something else than RimWorld for a bit. πŸ˜…

I really like this war crimes simul... err I mean I really like RimWorld. But I feel like I want to start a new colony again because I keep changing my mind about how I want the base layout to be and I have added and removed a fair amount of mods in the meantime as well. :P

See, this is why I have such a hard time completely finishing a game. Especially one that can be modded infinitely. πŸ˜‹

Kinda pondering about grabbing all the DLCs I haven't got yet in Star Realms. That's about 5 DLCs, and I do play this game every day. This would give me more play options.

Grabbed 2 Steam games so far in this sale. ROOMS - The Toymaker's Mansion, and Tangle Tower. A puzzle game and a detective game. I've played Detective Grimoire before, so I'm familiar with the latter. ROOMS itself seems to be a very solid sliding puzzle game.

I'm going to check out a few demos during this Steam's Next Fest. Last year I found a few nice upcoming gems this way. Maybe I can find a couple again this year.

If they're going to flip out because of 'Ate Without Table -3', I'll flip out too! The table was 2 blocks away! Jeez.

Meh, must have a mod conflict somewhere later on in my current colony's timeline. I'll just start afresh with the Ideology DLC enabled that I just bought. Lemme see if I can get a culty colony going.

IRL, 30 degrees is no fun. But in RimWorld I'm like to my pawns: Stop whining, just do the job already. That ain't a heatstroke!


I don't get it, can he or can he not work with animals? Or is this the typical internet user who loves to scroll through animal pictures with a passion but is incapable of doing anything with them? That's a shitton of browsing if he manages to get this skill up that high. πŸ˜‹

Errr, I think someone's physic drone is kinda broken. I do have one android (from Android Tiers Reforged) in my colony, but its mood buff is still zero from this one. :D

This is a righteous mess. I think I need to reorganize my base. I'm too lazy, though. :P

If a pawn pisses me off by having a tantrum and then destroying a whole stack of a valuable material, then they're getting stripped naked and have to fight a lynx or grizzly bear with their bare hands.

What? You're saying they won't survive that encounter?
That's the whole fucking point. πŸ˜’

I am a terrible god.

Played Unsolved Case with a buddy and that was pretty fun.

Basically we're both detectives, Ally and Old Dog, who get confronted with a mysterious package. Apparently it's related to an old case that we thought was closed, so wtf is going on? We have to communicate with each other via mobiles in-game as we often won't be in the same locations, and one has to guide the other and vice versa to get through a puzzle.

The prequel is free over at

Definitely considering the full game heh.

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