Free game on GOG: Terroir. Manage your own vineyard and create the finest wines.

Free game of Garfield Kart - Furious Racing right now over at Fanatical. Steam key.

Fairly simple kart racing with throwing objects, and it seems pretty kid friendly from what I can see. Can be played solo, split screen, or online.

A buddy pointed me to Vintage Story at which is apparently a made-from-scratch game that largely looks like Minecraft but has their own engine, shaders, character models, etc. It originally was a total conversion Minecraft mod, but they decided to make their own game out of this.

Anyone got experience with this game? Apparently they already have over 700 mods. I'm tempted to try it out as it does look good from the trailers and let's plays.

The only thing I'm worried about is that I get motion sickness easily. I can get around that in Minecraft by having a higher FOV and turning off head bobbing. But I've read that this game can still induce motion sickness despite configuring around this, so that's still holding me back a bit.

I think I'm way too busy with all the stuff AROUND gaming than the actual gaming itself. Especially when those games have mods and I feel the need to meticulously make a list somewhere with all the features of those mods and what I could do with them.

Yeah, ultimately I do nothing with them because I'm too busy making those lists! πŸ˜‹

I've noticed the only webgames I seem to still play every day are Waffle and Worldle (with an l there, yes, it's not Wordle). The rest is just very sometimes and not altogether that interesting.

All the main story areas in LEGO Movie 2 Videogame have been 100%ed now. What's left are the non-main story areas, gotta complete their storylines plus get all of those Master Bricks. Then I'm done. Fairly easy, it's actually feeling a bit like a grind in this game. And to think the first game was so cool to play... Wtf did they do, man.

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What the fuck did I just watch... the ending of LEGO Movie 2 Videogame is one of the stupidest endings ever. Moronic. Rubbish. Ridiculous. Making-absolutely-no-sense. Lazy writers.

Very unsatisfying. :P

Well, all that's left is mopping up the gajillion side quests, getting all the master bricks, completing every area 100%...

But the ending seriously sucks. This isn't really a good LEGO game overall. got another mega bundle (and that’s when you know the world done fucked up again):
Worthy of Better, Stronger Together for Reproductive Rights

169 items (mostly gaming-related, that does include tabletops) for $10.

Decided to get MATH EXPRESSions anyway. It's like Nerdle, but on Steam, and with achievements. Unlocking was also cheap enough that I decided to give the devs some monies for a coffee, heh. Although I'm not sure where one'd buy a cup of coffee for 59 cent nowadays. :P

Somebody should make a remake of Virtual Villagers..

So far I’ve bought 3 games at the Steam sale:

  • Lost Flame, a unique roguelike I’ve played during a free weekend and kept thinking back to it ever since, and development has picked up again recently so it is a good time to get it!
  • Grindstone, I played the demo during the recent Next Fest, the game released right after. I liked this funky color-matching game so much that I simply got it.
  • Mars Power Industries Deluxe, dirt cheap puzzle game. It’s a pretty good thinking game that’s busting my poor brain.

They are very replayable, so I’m pretty happy with my purchases. :blobderpyhappy:

101 demos later, and I think I've tried out enough games in this Steam's Next Fest. Only a handful are worth wishlisting, maybe 2 handfuls are worth following to see if they'll improve. The rest is just garbage.

I'm fully making use of this demo event on Steam. I've wishlisted a few games and follow a few. Some games have potential.

... lol. From a CD labeled 'Emulator Gallery':

"It is now possible to play hundreds of well known and classic games on your pc computer using the emulators supplied. Including emulators for Amiga, Amstrad, Apple, BBC, Commodore 64 and Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Comes complete with lots of free games."

Neat, I can emulate Apple! 😁

This shit is from 1997.

It's sometimes funny when you check out your old CDs. Here I have a CD with Baldur's Gate, but only the first 2 chapters. It's an "introductory journey" which "allows you to experience the first two chapters of the 7-Chapter epic adventure and 1998 RPG of the Year". It needs Windows 95/98.

I've got the game complete at Steam and GOG nowadays. :P
Wonder if I should throw away those kind of CDs..

I'm still busy with the Kittens Game. I've got a city going with 180 kittens, 225% happiness, and they've expanded into space. Pollution's at an all-time low.

I'm more and more convinced that we should let cats rule the earth!

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Grabbed Jurassic World Evolution from Humble for $1 and currently installing it. Wonder what it'll be like, it's a little over 7GB big. Current Choice got Planet Zoo, but I think I'd rather have dinosaurs instead.

Iris and the Giant is currently in a giveaway on GOG (scroll down the link a little bit). It's a nice deckbuilding roguelike game.

While checking old logs I stumbled on the Kittens Game again...

An idle game involving kittens. I won't be held responsible if you're suddenly missing large chunks of your life. :P

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