Finally, my old alarm system's been replaced. Now I've got working flashing lights again to warn me when someone rings the doorbell! That was way overdue!

And while I was at it, I also requested one for my mobile phone, so the lights will flash when my phone receives messages. I'll have to remember to turn that off when I go to bed. ;)
Actually, I might just leave it off altogether, heh.

Woke up way too early as my dream got stuck into an internal monologue where I faced a hearing dad who's got a deaf toddler, and told the dad that he's wasting his boy's life by not teaching him sign language.

I got so annoyed at that fucking imaginary dad that I just got out of bed.

Sigh, this video is totally relatable for me...

The Silent Dinner:

Especially the 'I'll tell you later' happens far too often, and of course they've all forgotten about the conversations by then.

My solution as a kid was to bring books to the table. 'You cannot read during dinner', fuck you, I'll read whenever I damn well please. I'm not playing dumb and getting bored to tears just for your sake. If needed be I'd smuggle one on my lap.

I also always asked to leave the table as soon as I was done eating. When thinking back now, I wonder if this is why I always eat my dinners so fast. The faster I finished eating, the sooner I could do fun stuff.

Google Live Transcribe is one of the most useful apps on my phone.

Had a chat with a buddy earlier this evening. I just learned the sign for 'conspiracy theory' from him. I don't know if it's an official sign, but it totally made sense.

Just form a triangle shape with both your hands and thumbs. Look through the triangle with one eye.

That's it! 😜

I saw a 'how do ..... people shower?' the other day, and remembered that I made this little piece of art four years ago when it was a meme-hype on Imgur. Enjoy! ;)

Cute, got a little Xmas gift from my job. A seasonal memory game with pictures of the Dutch Sign Language. I quite like the artwork! 😊

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