Thirdle #234 

Oh, huh. I actually didn't expect to solve it that fairly fast. Neat! I guess there are less words that could have so many various letters fitting in there.

With the recent Fediverse drama going on, this image came to mind. Be careful about who you think to push over the edge, because you just might make it worse.

Thirdle #226 

Well, that was annoying! πŸ˜‹ Several attempts just to get the last letter!

Just finished reading the latest Suske & Wiske comic (365). 'De Boze Boleet', and it's all about (fantasy) mushrooms. I know a few of the Dutch people here are bonkers about mushrooms. Well, this one was a fun read. :)

Ik heb net de nieuwste Suske & Wiske gelezen (365). 'De Boze Boleet', en het gaat helemaal over (fantasie)paddestoelen. Ik weet dat er hier een paar Nederlanders zijn die compleet gek zijn van zwammen. Dit album was leuk om te lezen. :)

Definitely the season for Minecraft again. A friend suggested FTB Inferno to me and I have to say that's a great suggestion! Just look at how this story starts out! I would say that is pretty cool, but the Nether is a very hot place!

This is in the Museum of Human Misery in the Bad Place. πŸ˜›

Heh, I didn't know Denmark delivered those kind of bikes. We need to think of something more bike-extra! :D

I like it that the leaves from the grapevine can be this big, I just love gigantic leaves. Might've gotten that little bug from my granny as she used to have a jungle in her house.

I really like this gardening tool. It's basically pruning shears on a telescopic handle, which you can cut with by pulling on that rope. I can cut branches 2 meter above my head with this toy. Might need one of 3 or 4 meter in the future, because the tree's a bit higher than I can reach currently.

But at least I've managed to trim off a lot of branches which were sticking out of the tree haphazardly. I'm also going to take a well-deserved shower because it's a lot hotter than I expected. A bit too hot to work, but I managed to do most of the job in the shadow which was nice.

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Felt a bit down today so I decided to work in the garden for a while. Now there's a corner in my backyard that's very clean, I guess that makes me feel a little better. :P

I've removed a shitton of tough grassy weeds which was almost everywhere, and then moved a lot of rubbish to the shed. It's nice to see this spot very empty for a change.

A garden view from my backdoor. I've made sure that whenever I walk under that tree (which consumes the upper half of this picture), its branches won't touch my head. Been trimming it over time for exactly this and it's great. :)

I'm not overly tall, though, so visitors will still need to duck. And they do want to duck because that tree's filled with murderous tall needles. I call them 'moordnaalden' in Dutch. :P

Another half an hour of work done in the garden, I think that's the last bit of outdoor activity for me today. It's way too hot. :P

This time I tended to my grapevine. If a leaf even has a tiny bit of mold on it, it's taken off. I'm not overly worried about the vine getting bare, it's amazing how fast this plant will regrow its leaves. I prefer nice big green leaves over drab crumpled grey ones.

I should've done this sooner, but the construction of the shed took all my attention. Ah well. The affected leaves are mostly gone now, it's just a matter of maintaining it from now on which should be easier.

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Oh, right. Bitburner had an ASCII rickroll today. Fully animated too.

That was amusing and is well done.

Looted an Amulet of Yendor in Rogue's Tale.. unlike with other roguelikes, here it's just a decorative item. Meh, sell-trash. ;)

People are talking about 2's Day today, but I think it's more like Palindrome Day as this game (Hexcells) showed me.

I’ve completely played through the story of Dust: An Elysian Tail. I had it in my game library since 2014 and finally decided to dust (heh) it off and see what the game is actually about. And since I’ve got this nice gamepad now, an action platformer with some puzzle elements was worth a try.

The storyline basically blew me away, that was what kept me going until the very end. I didn’t really care too much about all that fighting in the game, it’s just a little distraction from the story. It’s also why I played this game on Casual mode, screw the Hardcore mode even if it means I miss out on obtaining that achievement.

So our main character is Dust, one of the best warriors anyone has ever seen but without any memory of who he is. A talking super-sword got summoned to him, and tadaa! You’ve got the basis of a game where the hero tries to figure out who he is and what he can do. And of course it’d not be complete without a little complaining sidekick at his side. In this case it’d be a nimbat called Fidget. A nimbat? Well, I see it as a little foxy lady with bat wings. :P She’s cute and actually useful during combat. In fact, you’ll need her. I also think she’s got the best lines in this game.

The graphics of this game is very pretty and everything feels smooth. The world looks very nice and sometimes even dreamy, I’ve read it’s handpainted and it clearly shows. On the overworld map you can go to several locations, and each location has a set of areas you can navigate between in-game. Some areas have treasures or secrets, others got shops or save points. It’s all clearly marked but you’ll probably need to consult a guide to find those secret areas as the path to them can be quite obscure. Fidget agrees. “Well, that made absolutely no sense!”

During the journey Dust will meet various NPCs and some will aid him with the story and might unravel bits of his memory. Other NPCs are for side-quests which can be extremely silly. Imagine having to beat up some monsters to loot their teeth so an old geezer can make some dentures. Yeaaaaah… I’m still not sure why he needed stone trolls’ thumbs though. I probably don’t even want to know. Even Fidget doesn’t want to know. “I don’t see how those two things relate. Also, I don’t want to see how those two things relate.”

On his travels Dust will find some pedestals with a small glowing orb which’ll unlock an ability. There will be one very near the end boss too, so I was relieved when I finally got it because that meant I could revisit the previous locations to get to the spots which were unreachable before. Abilities include stuff like being able to climb those slippery vines, or double-jumping. Very useful if you want to grab all treasures and 100% the game! Fidget’ll also unlock some abilities, making your ranged attacks even better. “[…] I’ll perform an attack so spectacularly awesome that it’ll produce emotions you didn’t even know existed.”

There are some special challenge areas in a few of those locations where you can complete trial runs. The score’s determined by the amount of lamps you break, damage you get (or avoid rather), and how fast you finished it. I’ve not gotten higher than 3 stars yet, maybe I’ll try that some more. Try to get at least an achievement for that one. :P I pretty much suck at speedruns. “Um, I certainly hope you’ve saved.”

As I mentioned before, the storyline’s the bit that kept me playing, even made me go to bed late a couple times. Playing with the gamepad was intuitive enough. “[…] Mash the buttons! DO SOMETHING!!” It’s obvious this game’s made in the golden era of indie gaming (which I consider to be around 2012-2015). I don’t think I’ll ever 100% the achievements, but 90%+ is a pretty good attempt. Playing the game on Casual difficulty was enjoyable as you rarely would need to heal yourself, and this game also got a few nice options where you can tell it to Auto Heal and Auto Level-Up. I turned both of those options on so I could keep focusing on the storyline and gameplay. Now that I’ve basically finished this game I think I’ll actually miss Fidget’s silly banter a bit. ;) “… Can you, uh… can you repeat that?”

Just finished playing through The Spectrum Retreat. That story got pretty dark near the end. I'll have to do another playthrough someday for the other ending. Even though you start off in a hotel managed by robots, it's all about the puzzles in the secret areas.

It is very much an elaborate puzzle game where you swap colors with cubes so you can go through the appropriately colored forcefields. And later teleport to the appropriately colored teleporter receivers. And then later get dizzy because you can change gravity too and that is seriously disorienting (as if motion sickness wasn't bad enough..).

I just wish that the last level was divided up in smaller sections, because if you make a mistake you can't get out of you have to redo everything in that level and that's getting tedious if it's a huge level. :P

Anyway, glad I managed to finish it! Some puzzles were pretty tricky. The game sortakinda reminds me of Polarity and has a Portal vibe, except a lot more slower paced and it has a storyline.

Once again I've beaten emperor Stuck. This time I can add the Warrior to the list of classes that's defeated him.

Having 'All front cards become this type' and 'Destroy all cards of this type' combo is pretty nice. Especially when there are a lot of columns on the screen.

When facing the emperor himself, I mostly chose those Wildstones as the type, hence why I have a nice amount of Wildstone Cards accumulated here, usually it's about 4-5 of those after a session. I can buy nice upgrades with this! 😁

Ehh, I'm not sure but I think either the repair/sell labels or icons are swapped. I'll be pretty pissed if I accidentally sell a satellite when I wanted to repair them. :P

I finished watching Hilda, The Mountain King. I've already watched the Hilda series before, and the last episode ended with an enormous cliffhanger. The movie continues on where the series ended at.

My observations:
Movie is very nice, totally a great continuation.
Not everything is what it seems.
Don't mix Witch Magic and Troll Magic!
Stupid doves just won't die.
Ending is satisfying, I feel that this Hilda story is pretty much finished.

I can recommend watching this animation!

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