Of all the Donald Duck Pocket storylines, I think Superdonald might be my favorite.

I just finished reading the Premium 1 pocket featuring Superdonald. I might buy more of this (in second hand stores, gotta be cheap after all) with more Superdonald stories. Those are fullblown long stories, which I like.

Another contender is DubbelDuck (DoubleDuck, kinda a 007 spinoff), but I don't see that storyline very often. I see there's a DubbelDuck one with Premium 16, but a shitton of Superdonalds before it.

RWB (Ruimtewezenbestrijding, aka Men In Black spoof) can amuse me as well, but it's a bit too random. Only seeing them in regular Pockets for now. Probably for the best, it's probably way too random for a real long story.

Uh, aren't there about 100 Smurfs in that Smurf village? Why do they have what seems to be way more than 100 newspapers? πŸ€”

Note to self: Smurfs apparently aren't into sustainability.

Oh nice. BlueBrixx will have their own minifigs next year! Designs look alright, and it's got a bit more functionality than the standard LEGO minifigs.


Cute, Gargamel is wearing red pyjamas with a Smurf heads pattern on it. πŸ˜„

Uh.. wow. I won't be buying this brand of yoghurt anytime soon. Got this one for free from a supermarket scratch card, so decided to try this for dessert. This is even worse than the nacho meal. 😬

Oh gods, I should eat something tasty now to prevent my taste buds from doing seppuku.

Hehe, Donald Duck Pocket 151 (Germans know it as Lustiges Taschenbuch, not sure if the series are the same as our Dutch ones, but they both have the same Italian artists) has references to a game the kids play which seems very similar to Warhammer. In this case they call it Warbanger.

Totally tired now, but I have enjoyed the day sauntering at a few markets. I bought a figurine of a feline oozing lots of charm. I also managed to acquire 10 Donald Duck Pockets which I'm going to read soon. 😁

It was actually a nice sunny day for a change after weeks of rain. Delicious!

Whoever's been doing rain dances lately, you can stop now. No, seriously, you really can stop now. ;)

Ghehehe, little bug in the game. I didn't get a chance to drop the excess weapon in the last system and was forced to move forward immediately. And now I'm facing a big boss and, well, yeah. πŸ˜‹

After not playing Minecraft in a while, this is what I logged into. :P
That was a lot of killing to get rid of all of them.

Additionally, we cheated a little bit with this modpack FTB Legend of the Eyes to finish all the endgame grindy quests so we could just go and fight the 3 end bosses and consider this pack done.

The 3rd end boss was pretty annoying. I guess it had to compensate for the 2nd end boss which was ridiculously easy to beat. :P

We're going to try another modpack now.

I don't get it, can he or can he not work with animals? Or is this the typical internet user who loves to scroll through animal pictures with a passion but is incapable of doing anything with them? That's a shitton of browsing if he manages to get this skill up that high. πŸ˜‹

Errr, I think someone's physic drone is kinda broken. I do have one android (from Android Tiers Reforged) in my colony, but its mood buff is still zero from this one. :D

Burp. Haven't made burrito in such a long time and now I've made enough for 3 days. :P Just should buy creme fraiche next time, I think I do want it added after all even though it was damn tasty already.

Finally after all those years I'm making use of one of those little greenhouse boxes I have.

My mother got this nice leafy plant called 'Kindje op moeders schoot' (Tolmiea menziesii), which in English has been nicknamed 'piggyback plant' because new leaves are growing on top of old leaves.

You can cut off the larger leaves and replant them. I'm going to try to make them root so I can put them in my garden and hope they can spread there. Should be great to cover the soil in the shadow-rich areas which are kinda bare right now.

At any rate, it's a very fun-looking plant.

Clearing out a cultist wooden mansion atm. What the heck are those cultist quacks worshipping?!

Wow, The Lost Castle mod is amazing. A castle full of Evokers and Vindicators, it is huge. You can clearly see that it's a whole culty castle with distinct areas (brewery, armory, temple, etc). And everything is gorgeous to look at. They're obviously a very decadent cult! (As if their woodland mansions weren't already obvious)

Damn! That was a good trap! It didn't even involve a trapped chest so I thought I was safe! They sneakily used a comparator behind the chest! As soon as I removed it, a bunch of sand fell on top of me. Smart! :D

Been busy the past hours trying to figure out how to craft with Minecraft physics. :P

All I really really _really_ want is a hopper with a filter. But all we have is uh.. well, nothing. No hoppers have filters in this modpack. Except for brass funnel from Create, but that leaves out half a water block and the filtered stuff needs to be immersed fully in water first.

Just gravity ain't enough because I carry a magnet and stuff is dropping at light speed and I really don't want to lose the convenience of a magnet here.

Might do something stupid with redstone, that's my next option. I really need a timer that's like.. 10 seconds or something, which is kinda a problem here as the only timer block this pack has is way too short. But if I can pull this off...

Man, I have a headache already. I bet rocket science is easier than this!

Just designed something quickly at job as a cover label for a box containing bandaids and thermal/isolation blankets. I made it more visual than necessary. πŸ˜‹

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