Isle of Dogs was a weird movie but somehow it did manage that I fully watched it (although spread over a long period, 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there... Might've been a couple months?)

It's a stop motion animation that's just... absolutely bizarre. Dogs got some sort of flu, so they're banned to a trash island. There are people who want their dogs back and start an opposition against the evil mayor.

The son of the mayor misses his dog, so he hijacked a small plane and flew over to trash island to search for his own dog, Spot. He encounters a ragtag band of dogs and then travels with them to where they think Spot might be hiding at.

This story, together with the art style used, made the whole movie feel pretty alien to me. It was entertaining in a weird way.

Avatar 4 has begun production...

I have not even seen or heard about 2 and 3. :P

Just watched an interesting and very informative video over at about color grading movies to let the audience think they're in some exotic place. This technique brings out the stereotypes and is lately more seen as racistic. This is apparently also a very American thing to do.

@Pat I had to think of you when watching this video. I think you might find it interesting.

Bigbug was a very, very weird movie… I’m still not sure what to think of it. People stuck in a house with rogue AIs around. Also, who the hell has their house that much hermetically sealed?

But what that evil AI did to themselves is hilarious… not unexpected, but still hilarious. And utterly dumb. :P

I finished watching Hilda, The Mountain King. I've already watched the Hilda series before, and the last episode ended with an enormous cliffhanger. The movie continues on where the series ended at.

My observations:
Movie is very nice, totally a great continuation.
Not everything is what it seems.
Don't mix Witch Magic and Troll Magic!
Stupid doves just won't die.
Ending is satisfying, I feel that this Hilda story is pretty much finished.

I can recommend watching this animation!

Just finished watching Inside Out. That movie's story is so much deeper than its animations would make you believe... I'm seriously impressed.
Usually I take breaks while watching a movie, but with this one I just wanted to continue watching. That's quite an achievement, woo!

Of course the BFG is on BBC right now. Like every year. ;)

I've always thought that it was a pretty nice fantasy tale up until they went to meet the queen. After that I found it getting stupid quick. Who the heck cares about the British queen? And why did they even allow the girl to come along when capturing the rest of the giants? That was quite a dangerous situation.

Stupid movie, really.

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