Whelp, sad day. The Dell WD19S docks apparently aren't compatible with my Lenovo Y720. Even though my lappy has a Thunderbolt port, it's not capable of handling docks connected via said port.
The D6000 via USB-A works fine with multiple displays. If I try the D6000 via USB-C, my keyboard is spazzzzzzzzzzzzzing out. πŸ‘€
Sometimes computers really make no sense.

Another highlight: Saint Nicolas played some simplified version of Bingo with the kids. And now I'm going to wrap it up and head home, that's enough exciting stuff for today.

Tomorrow a lot of inventarising to do in the classrooms. Also gotta label all those new docks we got, they're a newer model. We used to have D6000 docks, now we got some WD19S docks added, nice.

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It's a good thing my office is basically next to the stockroom. My boss keeps having to walk there regularly today to fetch some supplies. He claims someone must've eaten our office supplies somehow. πŸ˜‹ I dunno, who'd want to eat post-it notes? πŸ€”

Sometimes I wonder what those people are doing to their poor laptops for those hinges to become quite unhinged! πŸ‘€

I need to turn on my work pc first before attaching my laptop to the dock... That was confusing as this one monitor decided it wanted to serve my dock rather than the PC. πŸ˜…

FFS my boss needs to learn to use Signal. πŸ€ͺ

I was already clad in rainclothes like a knight in shiny armor before I decided to check my phone (Telegram and Signal are on my desktop, Whatsapp isn't). Oh, boss called in sick, and I could work from home if I wanted to. (Yes I do, I don't fancy biking through the rain. :P)

But I could've been informed an hour earlier if he used Signal which I know he's installed a few weeks ago. Would've saved me the hassle of putting my laptop in the bag and getting all dressed up. πŸ˜‹


Coworker went and is back.
Me: Huh, back already?
He: I was waiting for you!


Yes, definitely silly.

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Coworker: I gotta pee.
Me: Need help?
Coworker: Yup, then you can see how big it is.
Me: Then we'll need to call the firefighters for help.

We're a bit silly today. :P

I'm pretty glad WhatsApp got some troubles... suddenly my coworkers have absolutely no problem adding Signal. πŸ˜‹

Oh wow. I knew most offices and classrooms would get their tiny kitchens replaced during fall break... but we actually got fridges too?! I thought we were supposed to save money or something, heh.

Damn, I already did so much stuff today that I thought it'd be noon already. But it's only 11:06. I guess I'm way too efficient.

Omfg, why does the handyman keep borrowing stuff from our office while the stock room is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

I had to fetch our scissors back... and he claims he got it from another room. Nope, nope nope nope. I SAW him getting those very scissors from our office, so nope. Not falling for that one.

I said next time I'll install cameras! He said next time he'll not order cocoa powder!

Pfft. ;)

Wtf, we found an Alphasmart Neo 2 in one of the closets. Why do we have this thing here? No clue... It still works fine though. Not sure what to do with this, lol.

We packed everything in our office. All of that stuff is ready to be carted out of the room so that it can get renovated during the summer holidays. Plastered papers with 'IT ROOM' on every box, cabinet, table, and even every chair in this room. Not much more we can do. Considering it's awfully humid hot today, not much more we want to do either.

Friday'll be the last work day. 'Work'.. it'll be a 'bye bye, and see you after the holidays' day.

OneNote and Excel need to mate and get babies and have a half-wiki solution. :P

Oh well, I'll just make a database in Obsidian instead and utilize Dataview like there's no tomorrow.

Uhh... Ordered: A steel design laptop storage case.
Got: A plexiglass one where the seams are almost falling apart, screws are rusty, power strip is glued so we can't get to there, and missing one rubber leg.
This stupid thing is going back. Prutz0rs.

Ugghhkk... that was painful. Banged my head against the edge of the digiboard. :P

We're removing the excess cabling from that thing in this room. It's ridiculous how many cables there were.. I mean, it's like they wanted to pull this throughout the whole of this school or something. We've replaced them with more sane-length ones now.

At least we're not running short on cables now. :P

Fucking Zivver. My job has that as plugin in Outlook to 'secure' email. But all it does is _preventing_ my email to be sent. Secure == Not sending. Yeah, that's an easy claim to make... :P

Is it weird that I like the web version of Outlook more than the desktop version? :P

At least dark mode can be applied more effectively on the web version. And it's got a better overview and shit than the broken theme of the desktop version. (Okay, I might've broken it a little, but still! Irrelevant! Totally!)

I just wish I knew how to turn off the spellcheck... the stupid English dictionary is learning a shitton of Dutch words now. :P

Boss: This is the latest documents we have.

Me: Oh, that's v2, I have v3 here, so I'll send them over to you.

Boss: But it has (3) behind the filename. Isn't that uptodate?

Me: Nah, that's a copy of a copy of a copy. That's why I put a v before the number! ;)

Boss: I don't understand...

Oh boy! πŸ˜‹

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