A buddy pointed me to Vintage Story at vintagestory.at which is apparently a made-from-scratch game that largely looks like Minecraft but has their own engine, shaders, character models, etc. It originally was a total conversion Minecraft mod, but they decided to make their own game out of this.

Anyone got experience with this game? Apparently they already have over 700 mods. I'm tempted to try it out as it does look good from the trailers and let's plays.

The only thing I'm worried about is that I get motion sickness easily. I can get around that in Minecraft by having a higher FOV and turning off head bobbing. But I've read that this game can still induce motion sickness despite configuring around this, so that's still holding me back a bit.

Just dealt with an invasion to my MineColonies village. It was big enough to draw attention of the baddies. There were 4 waves of mobs, progressively getting stronger. The last wave was especially annoying as those skeletons seemed to have ridiculously overpowered bows.

In the end I did prevail and got some nice loot out of it. I'm not sure my guard minions did a good job if at all. I guess I should start crafting some weapons and gear for them, heh.

Playing the MineColonies mod in this Minecraft modpack I'm playing really makes me want to play RimWorld... The idea is strikingly similar.

In MineColonies you work with prefab buildings that you can level up. And RimWorld is more customizable and more insane, but in 2D.

Definitely the season for Minecraft again. A friend suggested FTB Inferno to me and I have to say that's a great suggestion! Just look at how this story starts out! I would say that is pretty cool, but the Nether is a very hot place!

Kinda annoyed that the world seed changed when the server software got updated... Now my base is inside of a slime chunk. And I can't seem to put it back on the right seed. -.-

I'm currently playing a new Minecraft modpack called All Of Fabric 5. It uses Fabric instead of Forge, so that part is new to me. Though Fabric is easy to put up on a server, it's basically automated.

Anyway! So I'm playing this modpack for two weeks now and some mods are pretty new to me. I wondered if there was anything akin to Ender Chests and I'm pretty happy that they have an alternative called Entangled Chests! And Tanks! And Buckets! And Bags!

Not seeing anything for wireless long-distance power yet, but that can be worked around by converting stuff into lava, pumping it over, and converting back to power!

So far I'm liking Fabric, it's faster to boot up and it's lighter on resources usage!

I decided to take a peek at what's new in Minecraft via one of those modpacks on CurseForge since it's been a while I played MC. Decided to take a look at Better Minecraft 1.18.2, the Fabric version. Never tried a modpack with Fabric before, so I thought eh, why not.

It kinda felt like a new game to me in some ways. Could be the modpack, could be Fabric, could be that it's 1.18, or could be that I'm simply out of the loop. The last MC version I played is probably 1.16. I think I should install the Forge version of the same pack to look at the differences. Might not be too different I suspect.

But so far I saw some new (desert, spawned in one) creatures. A haunted ghost town with ghosts floating around.. New building styles. New flora and its food. New and wondrous rock formations. At least I'm familiar with Xaero's World Map and Minimap, so I'm not too lost. :P

I might explore in there some more, since this mapgen I got is a nice one. And in the meantime the Kittens Game can run in the background. ;)

Ah I'm just reading that both Fabric and Forge versions have overlapping mods, but also that both have their own unique mods and each offer a different experience. That's interesting.

I read that Forge allows you to ride dragons... I'm so tempted to just switch over, ha. Can use the same map seed and get the same kind of map hopefully. :D

Edit 2:
Yeah, there are some differences. Landmarks are largely the same, but some contents have been changed. Even the animals differ. It's pretty cool though. I kinda have to choose between new mob bosses, or riding dragons. Considering I've watched How to train your Dragon lately... might go for the dragon riding. :P

Damn, Microsoft's sites really suck, lots of access denied or error page not found. I was trying to move my Mojang accounts to my Microsoft accounts, finally managed to get that done after over an hour of fuckery.

I wonder if millions of Minecraft players are busy doing this right now, seeing as there's just a few days left before the move deadline.. :P

Got the sinking feeling something isn't quite right here. It's on top of my mind but I just can't figure it out. This issue might be way above my head. Maybe I'm still too wet behind my ears to solve this. I'd better surf online for a solution.

I kind of got bored with all the open space in the void of SkyFactory 4, so I've started afresh and created a new world in a CompactSky scenario with limited space available.

At first in a Compact Machine with 3x3x3 space with a pair of bonsai pots and an axe. Now I've got some more Compact Machines added; A pair of 3x3x3, a pair of 5x5x5, a 7x7x7, and (via the nether) an 11x11x11.
I gotta reorganize some stuff now that I've got access to more space, but it's keeping me busy again.

It does help that I already got some prestige earned from my earlier play in the void world. I've unlocked a bunch of useful features. The bonsai hoppers were definitely a must here. The rest is a bonus.

It sure is snug in here.

There's actually very little reason to search for better armor when this Glitch Infused armor set gives me the power of Flight and immunity against fall damage, and has some neat enchantments on top of this all as well.
Having Flight in void worlds is really handy. And a basic necessity.

The Glitch Infused Sword itself does 28 damage which is good enough for what I need.

Since I'm kinda in a gaming funk (just too tired) I've decided to try out a new Minecraft modpack instead. At the moment I'm trying to figure out how SkyFactory 4 works, seems cool so far. A skyblock-style modpack but without Ex Nihilo, means likely no sieving for resources. That's a nice change as Ex Nihilo tends to become exceedingly grindy. Nice if you can automate it, but it's still grindy.

At the map generation menu there were a gajillion different map styles possible, some of which made me laugh. Like, a tree on a block of dirt, in the middle of a hollow glass cube... surrounded by lava. Or even ender fluid, yeah, good luck expanding your base! :D

For now I've gone with the SkyFactory Tutorial map, for a bit an easier start while I'm figuring things out. I've noticed that each map has the option for prestige unlocking, which is interesting. Haven't seen meta-progressing in Minecraft like this before, since prestige is unlocked globally for every map that's got prestige enabled. The prestige rewards definitely are interesting as they enable getting a Hopper Bonsai (useful!) or even Ore Excavation (definitely useful!). I'll just have to figure out first how to gain prestige points.

Hopefully going to have a relaxing Saturday afternoon with this.

I'm not dead. I'm delving into the arcane arts that is LUA in order to be able to auto-craft with Create's Mechanical Crafters.

Stupid things.

I have the feeling I should start a zoo... Explored around and brought a lot of animals home. πŸ˜‹

And yes, that is a rat on my head there. The Rats mod is fabulous. It's really cute how they move their whiskers. πŸ˜„ Plus you can train them to do almost anything!

The giant eye is the Third Eye from Botania, makes me see mobs clearly as they become lit up brighter than an Xmas tree. I like it, even if it's kinda creepy looking!

Whelp, always fun when mods are so buggy that you can't go play the game anymore. :P
I guess I'll have to do some other things until friend comes back so he can update the MC server to a newer version which hopefully has fixed those bugs.

My visualisation of L-space so far. It's close to halfway done, there'll be more walkways above and below. It's a delightful maze already. Instead of it being a library like L-space is, it's going to be my huge storage area. It needs so much acacia wood, but my buddies are helping me out here. :D

I'm playing on a Minecraft server with a bunch of good friends. My buddy wants to dig a tunnel to my place and create a train connection. Doesn't matter that he's about 5000 blocks away, he's gonna do it anyway.

So I decided to build a perron (station platform) for his arrival. I know where his point of entry is, let's see if he's as good at maths as I am. ;) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and for now it's good enough.

As soon as I unlock more stuff, I might upgrade bits here and there at this perron. For example... a real wide monitor with a large scrolling text of my station name is certainly a possibility. A large monitor with the current time and destinations is another. Just a li'l bit of LUA programming there. ;)

I've made some observations of cats in Minecraft.

As soon as you manage to tame one (sneak and feed it fish), it'll follow you around mostly like a doggo. But it won't go attack mobs like a doggo, instead it repels creepers. I knew that part already but to watch it in action is hilarious!

Creeper: "Oh, a player! *comes closer* Sssshhh..wouldn't it be a shame if you lost all your good stu--OMG WHAT IS THAT A CAT AIEEEE! FLEE FOR THE HILLS!"
And when it is done running away, rinse, repeat! Just stay near the cat, you'll be fine! 😁

And once a cat gets on your bed... they actually go lie down! See picture below! πŸ˜‚

Mods without an in-game manual or even any fucking hint on how to use them are damned annoying.

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