I just finished watching the last episode of Wednesday, and I absolutely enjoyed it. It climaxed very nicely but also left enough open for another time.

Every episode was nicely complete from start to finish, just about right. They’re about 50 minutes each but it didn’t feel too long at all.

I hope there will be a second season because I’m dying to know what’ll come next.

(p.s. not literally dying. Just to make that clear.)

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So, managed to get Prime Video working via my dad's account (2FA was a bit annoying to deal with, I guess I'll never log out again!).

So alongside with Netflix, the series I'm going to (continue) watching in the coming months are:

- Wednesday
- The Sandman
- Good Omens
- The Expanse
- The Witcher

And some more goodies. I'll have to explore Prime Video a bit more. Suggestions welcome. :)
I like me a good grand scifi/fantasy.

Just watched the first episode of Wednesday... I think I'm going to love this, absolutely gorgeous and deliciously macabre.

- That boy's family was going to file attempted murder charges. How would that have looked on your record?
- Terrible. Everyone would know I failed to get the job done.

Watched a few episodes of Nobody's Looking, a Brazilian series on Netflix. It's actually hilarious in concept.

Angeli have rules they have to follow. One angelus decides that this won't do. Breaks rules one by one. Gets the world a little bit in a mess and tries to fix it.

"Take it sleazy"
I just finished binging this and it's still as good as ever.

This is in the Museum of Human Misery in the Bad Place. πŸ˜›

I've finished binging Community (when will there be a movie?!). Any suggestions what next to watch on Netflix? I'd like it to be lighthearted, amusing, and yet witty. I've already finished Brooklyn 99 prior.

Oh gods, I love Community. I'm binge-watching it again. They always manage to turn some silly event that is nothing special into something huge.

E Pluribus Anus!

Oh neat, Brooklyn 99 will have an 8th season... and apparently it'll be on Netflix in 2 days, heh.
I'm currently in the middle of a rewatch, halfway season 6 atm. So might be a few weeks before I get to the new content.

Netflix algorithms really suck. Do I watch one programme briefly where a guy is doing his day job but is on the hunt for delicious food in his spare time... now I get bombarded with all kinds of such programmes and most are just stupid. :P

Why can't it instead suggest me some cool scifi after I've watched a few Star Trek episodes?! :P

Bigbug was a very, very weird movie… I’m still not sure what to think of it. People stuck in a house with rogue AIs around. Also, who the hell has their house that much hermetically sealed?

But what that evil AI did to themselves is hilarious… not unexpected, but still hilarious. And utterly dumb. :P

Watching some anime at the moment. Little Witch Academia is more hilarious than I expected, especially the episode with the dragons.

At first that one seems to be some standard fantasy tale of dragons versus witches, but it turned out to be totally different lol.

I actually like this, quite dry humor at the core there.

I finished watching Hilda, The Mountain King. I've already watched the Hilda series before, and the last episode ended with an enormous cliffhanger. The movie continues on where the series ended at.

My observations:
Movie is very nice, totally a great continuation.
Not everything is what it seems.
Don't mix Witch Magic and Troll Magic!
Stupid doves just won't die.
Ending is satisfying, I feel that this Hilda story is pretty much finished.

I can recommend watching this animation!

Whelp, decided to fork out for my own Netflix account since I didn't get my own profile on the shared family account. :P Got mighty tired of resetting watch lists and all that.
I guess that's a small price to pay for having my whole own profile (and not to depend on stubborn family members).

What is it with Asians and games? Deadly games at that! First Squid Game and now Alice in Borderland. At least I won't be bored for a little while!

Just finished watching Squid Game. Damn, that is some series.

I don't quite get it. The Legend of Korra's episode names are all in Dutch (@Netflix Netherlands). It looks exceedingly stupid (eg. 'airbender' -> 'luchtbestuurder').

But the subtitles only has the option of 'Engels [CC]' (my favorite!) or 'Uit' (not my favorite!). So there's not even Dutch subs available. (Not that I mind, since translations of names are always cringe-worthy.)

Okay, they do have Dutch audio available. Still...
Are Dutch kids really hearing stuff like 'luchtbestuurders'?! :P

Holy shit, holy shit, finally! The Legend of Korra is now on Netflix Netherlands! Woohoo, it's time to binge!

Watching Alien Worlds on Netflix now. I think this programme is actually an Earth nature documentary in a sneaky way.

'Here we have <alien species> roaming in the sky. It can be compared to <earth species> and <other earth species>.'

And then you get great videos of both worlds' animals in their alien/natural habitats. Definitely a sneaky Earth nature programme with some alien stuff thrown in to lure people into watching that. It's genius!

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