Gosh, I really hate iPads.
I hate iOS.
I definitely hate iTunes.

Gosh, somehow I hate Apple software, they're way too dumbed down and don't even show progress indicators. Jeez. I'm wasting my time here!

Meh, I notice that the Teams versions of Excel, OneNote, etc, are pretty much inferior to the fullblown desktop counterparts...

Fucking Zivver. My job has that as plugin in Outlook to 'secure' email. But all it does is _preventing_ my email to be sent. Secure == Not sending. Yeah, that's an easy claim to make... :P

My sanity’s being tested. Who the fuck creates organograms in Word?
Right, my coworkers, that’s who!
Who’s gonna fix it? Yes, me, that’s who!
I’ll just recreate this shit in yEd, that’s way faster than me trying to understand Word’s logic.

(Cue Ghostbusters tune)
If there’s somethin’ strange in the document
Who ya gonna call (Trinsec)
There’s somethin’ weird and it don’t look good
Who ya gonna call (Trinsec)

The latest Humble Digitized Tabletop Bundle is actually pretty damn interesting. I was interested in all those games. So I checked out...

- 5,73 to Publishers
- 0,44 to charity
- 2,64 to Humble

Extra to Charity:
- 5,07 to Publishers
- 1,32 to charity
- 2,42 to Humble

Wtf? That's barely anything extra to charity at all despite the name. Humble ain't that generously humble after all.

So I went custom:
- 1,33 to Publishers (1 cent more than Humble :P)
- 6,18 to charity
- 1,32 to Humble (can't go lower, sneaky)

If they had the 'Extra to Charity' actually mean something, I'd not have thought much about it. But this was just insulting!

I don't even know why Humble still bothers to have a 'beat the average' tier. Just make that shit top tier already because it's always just cents away from the top tier price.

Questing around level 80 in The Lord of the Rings Online is so unfun that we're just contemplating playing a different MMO instead.

Questlines are boring and buggy, area is tiring, and I seriously don't care about the Rohirrim and Ents anymore. At this point I just want to throw my hands up in the air and defect over to Saruman already.

And there are so many solo instances that I'm wondering whether the devs still know that this is supposed to be a MMO, not a singleplayer game.

Meh. :P

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