@tek I wish I could be there watching the devs panic and figure out how to migrate everything to bare metal.

Would get to learn so much!!

What happened to Parler is a lesson for all who don't see the perils of a centralised internet.

Gotta run and re-hire those sys-admins you fired.LOOOOL

Long live bare-metal !!

(Hey quote, missed you all)

How do you deal with involuntary hesitation?

I have course book open in front of me but my body is physically resisting. I feel like I have to fight my body to be able to just sit down and study.

What is this internal resistance?

Panic is the virus we need to worry about.

I'm using this time to learn how to properly cluster node.js processes.

And get a better understanding of various Javasdcript async objects.

Trying to see if I find something in Devops that catches my fancy for more than a week.

Damn you digitally induced ADD.

@kravietz Yes we have swayed quite far away from standard evolutionary protocols.

We have begun modifying our environment in order to increases chances of survival rather than modify ourselves.

I have hope that someday soon we will figure out how to tackle over population.

Will education work? we don't know.

Maybe babies on lease will.

@freemo Maybe the pandemic is the game. And the license holders are deep states. Each deep state designs their own strain of COVID19. And then they see which strain killed the most people and accordingly declare a winner.

@crackurbones Ah no just cutting out distractions and increasing the time I spend learning how to code.

But with this quarantine, time is my bitch so why not.

eSagan ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ  
So, I recently got interested in neuroscience and decided to learn more. Having had no formal training in neurobiology before, I just registered fo...

@crackurbones This is an amazing writeup!!

I have always tried to rewire painful memories by trying to remember a different version of them. Hoping to you know overwrite them. Or altogether eliminating things from them. Like literally remembering moments with an individual blurred out or pixelated,

I would not recommend it. Constantly visualising a conflicting version of your past really screws things up.

It gave me full blown psychosis. But I cannot say for certain that these visualisations were the reason. Just a hunch

Don't fall for it. This is advanced tech with the new Humour module installed.

@snow @miguel31416 @freemo


I am halfinary based. Instead of binary that is 1's and zeros I am halfinary which is composed og 0.5's and zeros.



Actually my head is just the cooling unit. All male models of robot have their Neural Net installed in their genitals.




I am here. I have been taking a break from all social media. But I'm gonna resume qoto as nothing beats the quality of conversation here.


@freemo AIs don't have mid life crises, they have kernel panics.

We know you are a super computer AI. Just admit it.

Excavate me. I have been buried for way too long now.


Make Paper Great Again

This is me solving a stack and a queue problem on paper.

Do have a go at it if you're into Kiddy puzzles. (although circular arrays is a bit of a mind bender)


We have a stack and queue, [-,-,4,3] and [-,-,2,1] respectively. When you pop off of the stack, it enqueues on to the queue, implemented as a circular array. (So pop(x) => both pop off the stack, and enqueue(x))

(Front of the queue is currently on 2, and back on 1. We queue on to the front, and remove from the back. Note: This pattern is different from question 2!!).

What will the stack and queue look like after:













@jump_spider @Full_marx @design_RG @tek @kornel @namark @Raman @fahrni @mngrif @rodolpho @shibaprasad @Gomario @freemo

What a bunch of beautiful people!! You all have been so helpful.

I like the book recommendations but I don't know if my ADD will let me go through them, but then again, no pain no gain right?

The code challenges route is something that I frankly never looked into. It's surprising how a nudge from some experienced devs pushes you down the right direction.

I don't get enough practice and this gamified approach to learning development may just be what I'm looking for.

Thankyou all for the love !!


@freemo I think there are undeserving candidates in every field of expertise. In fact, at least 80% of craftsmen in any specialisation are "not good".

The more demanding the area of expertise, the wider this ratio will be.

From what I believe, it's just the 1% that actually create 99% of whatever the trade is involved in.

Maybe it's the same for opensource? IDK

This is a very universal thing, in any field where the barriers of entry are low.

I know many truly horrible programmers that make a lot of money in India, simply by being able to assemble a team of mediocre developers and delivering a project. Maybe that comes under the class of managerial skill of whatever.

But as it is we don't reward people who are truly good, and hence there is less motivation to go around.

(that's just my opinion, I haven't seen the world much to know a lot about this)


@tek @kornel @namark @Raman @fahrni @mngrif @jump_spider @rodolpho @shibaprasad @Gomario @EdS @freemo @design_RG

So I have realised that I'm quite a shoddy programmer.

This is what happens when you learn from "Instant" online courses : You skip over the fundamentals.

So to remedy that I"m on a journey.

I am currently following a course of udemy:


Computer Science 101: Learn Computer Science to become a better Programmer and Software Engineer.
The course basically teaches you what the Big(0) is and also teaches the various memory models like Arrays and Linked Lists (It's more of a close to the metal approach)


This course is helping me understand memory, after @design_RG exposed me to drum memory. I got fascinated with the way the register works and everything and now i want to first understand CompSci fundamentals before jumping into languages.

But the problem is that I feel Memory is only part of the equation.

The reason I decided to get into CompSci at 29 was because I was interested in Logic.

I wonder if anyone knows a good cheap online resource to understand the fundamentals of Algorithms.

As I've always known that these courses that teach the rocks of this craft always have the word Data Structures and Algorithms in them,

I have a course that covers Data Structures in a language agnostic way.

Anyone know of a similar cheap course that covers Algorithms too?? Does this even exist or is it a product of my imagination?


@tek @kornel @namark @raman @fahrni @mngrif @jump_spider @rodolpho @shibaprasad @Gomario @EdS @freemo


She is off her cone today, and enjoying nap time.

Sutures look scary, but are clean, dry and intact.

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Sorry for having disappeared this way.

My cat had developed Pyometra. Had to rush in for surgery. Luckily we caught it before it could spread.

There is still some infection in the vaginal stump, but tackling it with antibiotics, good food and love.

She is 95% in the clear.


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