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@skanman Hmm thanks! Good to know. But at the end, I'm just a programmer not an attacker :)

@skanman Yes it is. But what I say, is that if I had a botnet I could use it for better purposes than just mining crypto with them

@skanman oh you mean't with someone else's machine? If I had a botnet, I would use it for something better than just crypto mining ;)

A good trick which prevents me from doing an attractive crime(like creating a big botnet) is broadcasting it. This way I won't do it because if I do it, it would be too obvious that I was behind it :)

@freemo @ISchlupp Alternatively, we could create a chatbot and give the bot his name like they do on r/ProgrammerHumor

@freemo @ISchlupp Why not? I would like to follow Musk. Everyday in my feed which doesn't look like humor :)

Does Elon Musk have an account on Mastodon? I'd like to follow him.....


Yes. It is one of which I would like to explore further and perhaps use them in implementing

The electrical version, however.

The other thing, are

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I am following you so as long as your toots are not private, I can read them and it's fine.

The 3 is not clear. I feel like a comma is missing:

If a user explicitly asks you to disengage explicit calls to
dogpile will not be acceptable.

I have many ideas and when the time comes, I have to choose 1-3 of them to work on.

One of these research ideas is in the and field. Four others are in field. And finally, two of them are hardware ideas rather than software ones. Not a gadget but trying to implement computational models using hardware.

In my childhood, I used to build electronics circuits. But I could not understand how the circuits work. Why this flasher with two transistors has such a behavior? And I think it was not my fault. I was in early school and I couldn't understand the books about circuits because the books weren't for someone like me.

So I stopped building circuits and from when I was 12-13 years old, I put my efforts on programming where I could create something which works and I know why and how does it work.

Now, I am 22(in a less than 3 months) and I know many computational models exist but just one of them has been implemented hardware-wise. So I am interested in hardware implementation of these computational models.

Nevertheless, I don't have expertise nor knowledge in electrical engineering. So I either can't have a good idea or if I have I don't know how to express it or build it.

That's the question I need its answer. Should I remove hardware research ideas out of my list? And choose only among other ideas?

It has been a while since I've created two new categories in for electrical components:

For the first one, I've started a discussion to find a better name for it.

Also if you know an electrical component which hasn't been listed in Wikipedia, yet, I invite you to create pages for them using reliable sources or at least put a link or something to those sources in the talk pages of the categories so that others can create pages.

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IMO, the punishments are for the good of the society and maybe "purification" of the people doing the wrong act. And that the punishments must be defined by law and be done by an authority and not individuals.

As far as I know, to punish someone, in Islam you first need enough evidence. For example for illegal sexual intercourse between two who are married, four eye-witnesses are needed. Or that the person must admit it four times by swearing. And even after that several parameters are there.

For example for the thief, there are several parameters. How the thief was grown(in what family and what conditions and what environment)? How much did he/she stole? How much the stolen thing was protected? Was the person in need? And ...

@knottedthreads @freemo @obi

the idea is a writefreely instance and encouraging people to write long posts there. In what way, I am not sure.

@Romaq @frayoshi @freemo I once trapped a teammate in accidentally thinking he is the enemy. But he was so kind and said don't talk about it. Interestingly, I was laughing for a while before I realized he was a teammate...

@knottedthreads @obi @freemo

You got me wrong. I'm not saying the long posts must go into writefreely because they will cause people problems or inconvenience. What I say is that long posts are usually of much more benefit to people. And if it is published in Writefreely, they will benefit much better and more than in Mastodon.

I have talked about the reasons in my first post to freemo but I will repeat them again here:

First, Writefreely has got a much better style for a long useful post. It is already meant for regular blogging. Anyone can easily access the post using the link and read the post. There is a copy toot link button but the target page is not good at all.

Second, we'll have a collection of useful and related posts in a "blog" which is again accessible using a link and the target page does the job very well.

Third, According to my experience, Writefreely does the SEO job very well. So if you have something which people are looking for it, people would find it when they are searching using the web search engines.

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