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two days to write a phd program for the interview on Tuesday. Gotta fill up that coffee mug I guess

@freemo @zpartacoos Hi, yeah no I'm not in molecular biology, I'm sure we have a few biologists floating around here but can't remember exactly who...

@trinsec holy shit you are right! I'll have to test it: I'm going to write down how I'd finish the design and see if he gets the details. If he does man, that could be something!

@trinsec ahaha, still, I was so proud of my design, he even got the lights from below that I thought of!

I had some very good ideas on how to improve my , and make it livable and pretty and all... and my neighbours have done exactly those things a few days later, so now it would look like I'm copying them.

Damn! Will have to come out with a new design!

@moshtodon I read an article not long ago about feral cats getting milk from elephant seals, I don't think in general we are the only species to do it (even thouhg it is quite rare). To be fair, we do a lot things that other animals don't usually do, we are kind of a special animal 😊

@lucifargundam Rarely, but I enjoy them, feels better to type for long time

@lucifargundam yeah, it's very unfortunate... I tried many keyboards, I really wanted to have something nice with leds and work a bit on it, but couldn't find anything that suited me, I'm too used to this style of typing

@lucifargundam I like very low run keys, I tried two mechanical keyboards but they were too high for me

Like, that's my keyboard!

@omicron before the first login? WTF, did you do something to solve it? That thing is really weird.

I also am not using a VPN or bots and I get banned constantly

@lucifargundam this looks awesome man! I don't really like mechanical keyboard (I like very very short action) but that's beautiful!

I've recently created an account, to try it out and see what is it about.
I'm FLABBERGASTED and slightly offended, I was banned 3 times in 2 weeks because Instagram thinks I'm not a person.

Feels like a ship that could crush any minute, so very unsafe, as if having your social life on a server controlled by others isn't a good enough reason for feeling restless to start with. How do people live with that stress?

Still, I like the structure and likely will give a try.

@dynamic Yeah, I'm a millenial and I've also been often called a boomer. In time a sense of being old grew on me and I hate it

No it wouldn't make a sensible difference to be called "pop" or "grandpa", I'd still find it offensive, it's just that I never see those in my language while I often hear boomer.

I agree that is often not properly used, but that's how it goes with insults

@dynamic Yeah I don't love them and I don't hate them, depends on people, I just find it very offensive to use the age as an insult. Not sure how is it different from using the skin color or the gender, but I rarely see people talking against this kind of speech

@freemo well, I don't get offended neither, also because I'm not a boomer, but if I was called "old!" just because I fail to do something or because of a way I speak or act, that would make me feel quite bad

@Wetrix reddit is pretty leftist is my perception, I tried to post couple of times on r/conservative and I was automoderated 'cause I needed to be trusted and whitelisted and whatnot. I guess they were heavily trolled!

I can't wait to see some fediverse alternative really pick up momentum and merge a bit those worlds! seems like Lemmy is doing fine

4chan is something else altogether. I follow couple of channels but man, what a f**king mess! Ahahah

Raise a glass for digital homes wherever and whatever they are!

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I find it disturbing when "boomer" is used as in insult or as a mockery. Is it so in your language too?

I don't think I've ever seen someone go against this kind of discriminatory language though so maybe it's just that I hang out with the wrong people =D

@Wetrix Idk, for sure reddit is pseudonimous so I have no clue who I'm talking with (and I think one of the best unwritten rules of reddit is don't follow your friends account). But in general, the feeling I have from some communities is very strong there, and when I write I feel very at home.
Here I feel safer though, that's true, reddit can be cold when you go against the dominant ideas.

In any case, it's so nice to have some digital homes ❤️

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