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Latest addition to my : The Genealogical World of phylogenetic Networks:

A lot of interesting thoughts about , , computational science, and networks in analysis by scientists from many country, mainly northern Europe.

There is enough to read for a while!

I was thinking that, as a mod, I'd like to spend more time here talking about scientific content and matters and fun facts, and less about the matter.

But then it dawned on me: they are very, very related.


I just started to listen to "Species", where every week Macken talks about a species of animal.
Unlike many other informative pieces of podcast I listened to, this is very entertaining, with fun bits of info and a very story like way of delivering juicy, hard checked facts.
I was captured from the very first episode, the Opossum.


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just updated our about page. There is some very important information in there so I highly recommend all QOTO users read the updated page.

We updated the wording on our Rules (same rules as before though effectively), added information on our added features and how to use them, links to the various QOTO services we offer (like FunkWhale or NextCloud).

It also contains a short introductory letter/guide on getting started using QOTO. I hope it will be a huge help for many of you. The link is below.

I would like to follow my professor profile on instagram. Also, there are a couple of twitter accounts I like, and some places on facebook that only post there their events.

I could do an account for each of the places I'd like to get info from but frankly, beside the hassle, it would be time consuming to just go in every website every time to check.

Ah, if there only was a technology that allowed us to, oh I don't know, "aggregate" the news... so that I get something like a notification when something happens, and it could even download the content.

Oh, that would be so nice, I'm sure everybody would use it.

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Anyone in the fediverse know how to undo an account migration on mastodon? It seems @bongo did it by mistake and I cant figure out how to undo it.

Any help appreciated

I like . When I see one I like I want the file, not just see it pass by. One problem I had was how to organize them.

I tried a few ways, including hydra network, but too complicated and setting up your own server was a mess.

Finally, yesterday it dawned on me: I just need something to tag in the metadata!

So I use
* shotwell, a media manager in the repo, which has the option to write the tags in the file.

* to back up and sync with my mobile

* a photo manager, a app available on f-droid which can also search by tag (admittedly, people are not very imaginative with names often =D)

And now my devices are synced, memes are backed up, my memes are tagged, and I feel better with my data hoarding instinct <3

r/waterniggas got quarantined by the admins. Drinking water is shocking and possibly offensive

This day started off with a headache, and was downhill from there.

Stay hydrated.

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#microblogpub now comes with a setup wizard, Python is not needed anymore for the setup:

For working reason I'll have to install whatsapp on my mobile. To avoid it reading my contacts, stuff, running all the time and so on, is there anyone here running it using , or some other confining app? Any thought or best practices?
It's the first non FOSS app I install on my

so, , what about that website on your work in scientific education?

Uh, alright, solved, seems like the two integrate pretty well and I can save all my attachments on nextcloud.

Pretty cool!

I just read this article by my professor. It is framing a bit the natural sciences as historical, tackles the envy of physics held by many natural scientists and makes an analysis of as an ecologist, highlighting how he already pointed out most of what is now the staple of .

Wildly interesting.

found this video on r/philosophyofscience. I'm not a rap fan, but this was quite nice! is an open source hosting exchange website (like couchsurfing) born in the community, and is an awesome one. The android app was in the play store only, but today platschi put the android app in a repo:

nice job!

My doctor prescribed to me a basically untested therapy with only one, badly done study of years ago.

Dear MDs here, this is how you lose people's (and patient's) trust.

I wrote a while ago about how I switched my from typical elements to a more rational and classic food production system.
I think it's working out really, really great. This are the latest pictures, blog post to come in a little while.

I am experimenting with very closed space dense planting, little mulch (most of organic goes to compost) and yeah, I'm digging it. Sometimes double-digging it.

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