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Heh, why does it not surprise me to read that is going to shut down? That place went to the shitter after they made their intent clear to focus on streamers mostly and then we got flooded with 'plz follow my stream' spam in our timeline.

Actually, it's probably just as well because that led me to search for alternatives, and I ended up here in the Fediverse. :)

If any, I'm more surprised that they managed to survive for this long. That place was most fun somewhere before 2018, we had great gaming conversations then. Kinda miss that time a little.

Oh, right. Bitburner had an ASCII rickroll today. Fully animated too.

That was amusing and is well done.

Got Crash Drive 2 in a recent bundle. I completely played and finished Crash Drive 3 a few months ago and that was a blast. Crash Drive 2 is... well.. it's definitely looking older than 3, and there are less features.

The core gaming is the same though, just not as great an experience as with number 3. It'll be a little bit of a grind before I 100% all the achievements. Doable, just a bit repetitive because there is less variety.

If you love stunt racing, I definitely can recommend Crash Drive 3. Don't even bother with 2 unless you happen to get it in a bundle somehow.

Neat, Fanatical got their own Stand With Ukraine Charity Bundle at

That's a fair amount of games in there for a great price. Lots of nice small games. 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross in Ukraine.

Heh, in Bitburner you can visit the arcade in a city and play 'Megabyte burner 2000'....

Which is just Bitburner inside an smaller screen. :P Yay, time to go play an idle game inside an idle game! ;)

Decided to install Slime Rancher and play it again, since it's been quite a while that I played this game.

Of course, I forgot a lot of details and had to check up on the how and what of certain things...

...but not before I made a hybrid of a hybrid and all hell broke loose with all tarr slimes ganging up on me and trying to devour me. Yeaaaah...

Thankfully that situation's now resolved. I've got some more slimes now and sometime I should make a table with which slime to crossbreed with which for max efficiency.

And also figure out a better corral spot for those exploding slimes because they harm me everytime I have to run past them. :P

Small Bitburner update. I've beaten BitNode 4.1 and also 5.1, each by homiciding about 15 hours to get enough negative karma, and then nuke that node with a gang backing me up.

Now I've chosen BitNode 10.1 because it introduces the Sleeves technology. Basically Sleeves are clones of myself so I can do multiple things at once. That does include doing crimes to get negative karma very fast, which means I'll be able to form a gang even sooner.

So, in less-than-15-hours I might be able to form a gang, and then eventually break this BitNode as well and have some extra clones at hand for the next BitNode.

Pondering to make use of a corporation as well for near-infinite money so that I can buy all permanent upgrades for my clones before I move on.

I've got an autoscript running in Bitburner to automatically do a crime every 3 seconds (homicide in this case, I'm so bad...). With a bit of luck (or just a long wait) I can have -54000 (yes, minus fifty-four thousand) karma in 15 hours so that I can form a gang in BitNode 4.1 and actually start earning money.

Aaaaand.... that is actually the power of BitNode 4.1, it introduces access to automating a few things including criminal activities. And I'll have access to this in other BitNodes too if I manage to break BitNode 4.1.

Just to wait 15 hours now, heh. ;)

Oh wow... Those corps in Bitburner do indeed take a while to set up, fund, and expand. But once you get it going and invest heavily in advertising... ooh lala, it's basically infinite money! It's ridiculous how much influence ads have here.

But while I'm swimming in money (Scrooge McDuck would be proud), I can mop up some achievements that require a lot of funds. :) I hope I can beat this BitNode this evening, then I can move on to the next one, it's been long enough in this one.

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Huh, just saw there's another Syberia game coming, Syberia: The World Before. Looks like it'll have the same playstyle as Syberia 3, which I found terrible to navigate in.

Wish they'd do more like 1&2, a proper point and click adventure game. Once a series goes 3D, it usually goes to shit. :/

Graphics look awfully nice, though. But I wouldn't expect any less from the Syberia series anyway.

Kinda struggling with the introduction of the corporations in BitNode 3.1 in Bitburner, it's very slow going and actually kind of boring. You don't even get to write scripts for it, not at the start anyway.

I guess it might be fine if it is something as an extra in other BitNodes, but BitNode 3 is very focused on corps, so I'll just have to try to wade through 3.1 and then move on to other BitNodes with more interesting mechanics.

Might take a few days before I can break BitNode 3.1 though...

Damn, Microsoft's sites really suck, lots of access denied or error page not found. I was trying to move my Mojang accounts to my Microsoft accounts, finally managed to get that done after over an hour of fuckery.

I wonder if millions of Minecraft players are busy doing this right now, seeing as there's just a few days left before the move deadline.. :P

Neat, I managed to beat BitNode 1.1, some sort of super-ascension idle game mechanic in Bitburner. I've chosen 2.1 as the next BitNode so I can form gangs that I can use in other BitNodes when I finally manage to destroy 2.1 too.

I foresee that I'll play this idle game for a bit longer than expected, and I need to brush up my Javascript knowledge so that I can make better scripts to hack those servers with. :)

Looted an Amulet of Yendor in Rogue's Tale.. unlike with other roguelikes, here it's just a decorative item. Meh, sell-trash. ;)

People are talking about 2's Day today, but I think it's more like Palindrome Day as this game (Hexcells) showed me.

I’ve completely played through the story of Dust: An Elysian Tail. I had it in my game library since 2014 and finally decided to dust (heh) it off and see what the game is actually about. And since I’ve got this nice gamepad now, an action platformer with some puzzle elements was worth a try.

The storyline basically blew me away, that was what kept me going until the very end. I didn’t really care too much about all that fighting in the game, it’s just a little distraction from the story. It’s also why I played this game on Casual mode, screw the Hardcore mode even if it means I miss out on obtaining that achievement.

So our main character is Dust, one of the best warriors anyone has ever seen but without any memory of who he is. A talking super-sword got summoned to him, and tadaa! You’ve got the basis of a game where the hero tries to figure out who he is and what he can do. And of course it’d not be complete without a little complaining sidekick at his side. In this case it’d be a nimbat called Fidget. A nimbat? Well, I see it as a little foxy lady with bat wings. :P She’s cute and actually useful during combat. In fact, you’ll need her. I also think she’s got the best lines in this game.

The graphics of this game is very pretty and everything feels smooth. The world looks very nice and sometimes even dreamy, I’ve read it’s handpainted and it clearly shows. On the overworld map you can go to several locations, and each location has a set of areas you can navigate between in-game. Some areas have treasures or secrets, others got shops or save points. It’s all clearly marked but you’ll probably need to consult a guide to find those secret areas as the path to them can be quite obscure. Fidget agrees. “Well, that made absolutely no sense!”

During the journey Dust will meet various NPCs and some will aid him with the story and might unravel bits of his memory. Other NPCs are for side-quests which can be extremely silly. Imagine having to beat up some monsters to loot their teeth so an old geezer can make some dentures. Yeaaaaah… I’m still not sure why he needed stone trolls’ thumbs though. I probably don’t even want to know. Even Fidget doesn’t want to know. “I don’t see how those two things relate. Also, I don’t want to see how those two things relate.”

On his travels Dust will find some pedestals with a small glowing orb which’ll unlock an ability. There will be one very near the end boss too, so I was relieved when I finally got it because that meant I could revisit the previous locations to get to the spots which were unreachable before. Abilities include stuff like being able to climb those slippery vines, or double-jumping. Very useful if you want to grab all treasures and 100% the game! Fidget’ll also unlock some abilities, making your ranged attacks even better. “[…] I’ll perform an attack so spectacularly awesome that it’ll produce emotions you didn’t even know existed.”

There are some special challenge areas in a few of those locations where you can complete trial runs. The score’s determined by the amount of lamps you break, damage you get (or avoid rather), and how fast you finished it. I’ve not gotten higher than 3 stars yet, maybe I’ll try that some more. Try to get at least an achievement for that one. :P I pretty much suck at speedruns. “Um, I certainly hope you’ve saved.”

As I mentioned before, the storyline’s the bit that kept me playing, even made me go to bed late a couple times. Playing with the gamepad was intuitive enough. “[…] Mash the buttons! DO SOMETHING!!” It’s obvious this game’s made in the golden era of indie gaming (which I consider to be around 2012-2015). I don’t think I’ll ever 100% the achievements, but 90%+ is a pretty good attempt. Playing the game on Casual difficulty was enjoyable as you rarely would need to heal yourself, and this game also got a few nice options where you can tell it to Auto Heal and Auto Level-Up. I turned both of those options on so I could keep focusing on the storyline and gameplay. Now that I’ve basically finished this game I think I’ll actually miss Fidget’s silly banter a bit. ;) “… Can you, uh… can you repeat that?”

Seriously, whoever designed Evoland 2’s gameplay should win an award! (did they win one? I dunno, probably should look it up).

It’s just brilliant how the gameplay changes during… gameplay!

Sure, there were a few genres I couldn’t care less for (brawlers, streetfighters, metroidvania.. meh), thankfully I kind of could cheese it out, or even used a speedhack to halve the speed (I seriously don’t like fast reflexy games, it’s just impossible for me). But other than that, it’s all tied in so nicely!

And I still like it that the graphics style changes when you travel in time. I just encountered a gameboy graphics era… that’s even further back in time! Hilarious!

Still playing it, I’m not sure I’m even halfway into this story… this game’s a lot bigger than I thought! The story’s getting a lot more convoluted with various side plots, I think I should start taking notes or something!

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I like Evoland 2 a lot more than Evoland. I'm very much enjoying the storyline so far. Past, present, and future are shown very nicely in the graphics quality.

I'm usually not liking platformers in general that terribly much, but if it's got a good story and if it's very forgiving in the gameplay, then it's pretty nice.

Had a nice quick round in Khet 2.0 just then. Ultimately I had 2 ways to kill off my opponent's pharaoh... basically it was Khetmate for him. So what did he do? He turned his sphinx for a self-kill instead of giving me the satisfaction, lol. :D

I really like it when the limit break on my berserker makes him target the evil boss of the battle and just insta-downs him. ;)

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