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Gooood Monday ! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.

Today's is as follows: Imagine you discovered a way to master a single skill instantly. You know this will only work once. What skill would you choose to master?

I'd personally want to master Bushcraft survival.

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announcement. We will be doubling the server power of this instance later today (we start in about 4 hours). There should only be a momentary downtime as we switch DNS names hopefully. However if you find the server inaccessible your local DNS may have a long timeout on its cache. It will resolve shortly if that happens.

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What do you call the fear of complicated buildings? 

A complex complex complex.

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I'm still amazed by the state of that industry. Why paying for an eBook for nearly the same price as a printed book gives you a file you don't own and you can't use, while piracy gives you a file you can use like an actual book?

When buying a book, I can read it where I want, in as many places I want, on as many couches I want, and I can even lend it to a friend. And that's legal.

Wasn't technology supposed to make the future better?

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Like others, I got frustrated with the birdsite and migrated here. Finally settled on an identity and instance. I work in the world, but I'm not a dev (I tell the devs when they write terrible code). Personally, I'm an amateur , so my interests are everywhere. A few:

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I’m Lyle Troxell from Santa Cruz, CA. I’m a software engineer, podcaster, maker, photographer, and father. I’m currently improving my blacksmithing skills, researching software arts / translation, and refreshing my JavaScript knowledge.
I work at Netflix on the iOS App, and create the WeAreNetflix podcast as well as my personal podcast “Geek Speak with Lyle Troxell”. I try to keep up on technology and how it affects society.

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feelgood story for today:
there's a nonprofit group that trains gambian giant pouched rats to detect landmines.
they can sniff out the TNT with the precision of a dog, and they don't weigh enough to set off the mines. their handlers raise and train them from infancy; they've cleared over 13,000 mines in Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, and Cambodia.

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I got from 1060 to 1110 subscribers on in two weeks.
I just love making people have a good time. The likes and messages are amazing.

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Hi everybody! (hi dr nick) here to try something new. For a living I help run a university campus network, with a focus on WiFi. For fun it's walking, photography, drums and live sound. Based in the north of England / Northern Ireland, I'm interested in politics and utterly fed up with politicians. I'm a faltering follower of Christ but can't call myself Christian. Always happy to engage/argue/discuss with those I don't agree with in a respectful manner.
Cheers all

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Also now I’m here I can’t stop “Mr Mastodon Farm” by Cake running through my head.

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Hey, happy independence day Uruguay!

Uruguay is regarded as one of the most liberal nations in the world, and one of the most socially advanced, outstanding regionally,and ranking highly on global measures of personal rights, tolerance, and inclusion issues.

Further read:

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McCain was someone who I rarely agreed with but there's absolutely no denying the fact that he was a good man who did good things for the world. Rest in peace.

What started as an all-you-can-eat taco-rama, has turned into a brewery tour across the city. Great way to finish my birthday week, if you ask me. Now for a nice bourbon and a glass or two of water before bed. Maybe some conversations here on Mastodon, cause I’m at my most friendly and chatty when I’m jazzy, and everyone on here is absolutely the best, always.

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Have a friend whose a civil engineer for a large metro traffic department say last week:

"nothing makes me smile like when someone complains about forty single occupant cars having to wait for a two hundred occupant light-rail to pass and I get to smugly reply, 'workin as intended'. "

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A Follow Friday from the QOTO instance.

People on qoto worth following:

@Surasanji - Postin' and , along with equally random thoughts, memes, and whatever!

@pkok - Native Amsterdam lecturer AND student in AI/Robotics, starting the new academic year. Also screwing up in the kitchen.

@commandelicious -
Posts Fun facts, history and catsI post Fun fact

@spinflip - A guy with interesting hobbies

@arteteco - Enviromentally minded, great DIY projects

@absolutus - A fellow moderator and good friend. Nice guy.

@Demo318 - Interesting ideas, and good conversation. Looking forward to potential polite debates!

PS if anyone on my server didnt make the list this Follow Friday then you probably didn't opt-in. Message me for details.

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Hello everyone, I'm excited to try out Mastodon! It may take me some time to warm up but I would like to get in the habit of posting regularly.

I am a physics phd student researching dust transport kinetics to create better dose predictions of radioactive release exposures. I also teach college physics in a variety of settings (classroom/lab, studio, online). I'm driven by the scientific method and improving the health and understanding of our society. Feel free to chat!

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Heya im tsunachi, im a 20 year old in-the-works mechanical engineer.

Pretty much im just your average internet guy with a few extras, i like games, anime, and anything with a motor that can go fast, art, and books.

STEM wise despite me being pretty average in my interests im a huge nerd and love science, especially when it pertains to space. thats not to say i dont like the others of course thats just what ive always had a passion for.

I like talking to people with differing opinions in politics/morals/ideology/ethics etc. ( as long as its meaningful, isnt a shouting match, or is objectively wrong in the base statement i.e most of twitter checkmarks)

Politically wise im a classical liberal (bottom-left) but im also pretty centrist if that helps.

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Sometimes wild elephants will wander onto a farmer’s property to munch. the farmer will protect their crop with force and elephants end up hurt or dead

However, elephants are super scared of bees. conservationists use this fact to help protect them

By building bee hives along the property line, the elephants are scared away from the farmland without being seriously hurt. Plus, the farmer gets some income from the hives and the world gets more bees! 🐝

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Well hello peoples!

I'm a science geek but not a scientist. Host of the Science on Top podcast, a skeptic, and a sci-fi buff.

I'm very new to tooting.

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Salutations friends of !

On my bus on the way to work. It's another beautiful day here in Tel Aviv.

I hope it'll be a beautiful day for you too!

I'm a bit peckish so this morning I'm asking another about food:

What is your perfect breakfast?

For me I'm looking at a Full English with a side of waffles.

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