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@mc Oh and to answer your question.. we accidentally did a version bump and had to revert as it was supposed to happen in our new beta environment.

@freemo I never doubted you could do it. πŸ™ƒ

Now about the "24 horus". I know Horus the Falcon, Horus the Elder, Horus the Younger, Horus the Child and Horus of Behdebt.
That's only 5. The question is: Who are the other 19? πŸ˜‰

Insidious question: Did you try to make an upgrade while moving to a new server? :ablobblastoff:


Yea I know that issue. It is either due to the backlog in in sidekiq or a slightly unrelated issue I may have just fixed. But im actively working on it. Should have most of the bugs fixed soon. Me and one other guy are on it 100% right now.



Yup, queue is catching up (a bug was preventing it from catching up that should be fixed).. we may have some more problems as i fix things but once that catches up things should be fine.


@admitsWrongIfProven our sidekiq backlog got up to 4 hours behind last night... it looks like my recent tweaks have the backlog reducing now... fingers crossed. Should catch up in the next hour or so.


Sidekiq is backlogged, things being slow is normal as a result of that. We are trying to address the back log which itself is caused by a slight misconfiguration (it is related to inability to upload images)

@seedyh @LouisIngenthron @peterdrake

@Pjcoyle We are working on it, the move is a bit rough, we are actively fixing it.

Had a lot of things wanting to say, but I ultimately forgot them when I couldn't spill them out during the maintenance of qoto.

I still don't think I'm a mastodon user several days ago, until I noticed qoto is down and I have nowhere to post my words. Rethink a bit, and I realized that qoto has become my major platform to spill out words. And I'm feeling comfortable with that. What a luxury.

(I just remembered I still have no update for my blog for this month. And the clock is ticking)

As spam comes in we will block the servers on the . Please be patient this is happening across the whole fedi and we are working on better ways to address it.


Yes we were migrating to a new infrastructure to make the update process smoother and more frequent without downtime and to allow for better scaling.


@trinsec Yea its really stupid.. a bunch of people who are basically upset over copy and paste :)


That is done for API purposes. It indicates the mastodon API that is proprietary (not defined within ActivityPub) is available on our server. Some client side apps that are mastadon specific need that to work.

@khird @barefootstache @mima


Actually its more complex than that. Our version has no relationship to mastodon version. We are a fork of mastodon, we arent on v3 of mastodon, we have our own feature sets and bugs.

@fuomag9 @khird @barefootstache


What security issue, we arent a mastodon instance we are a QOTO instance, a fork. We generally fix problems **before** mastodon, and features to, we usually lead in features and sometimes bug fixes by years.

Our version has no relationship to mastodons.

@khird @barefootstache


So I went to bed last night and work up to find the sidekiq workers were backlogging and we have 800K backlogged jobs. It was due to a misconfiguration that I have now fixed and it appears the backlog is quickly resolving itself.

If you noticed any weirdness this should be resolved int he next few hours as the backlog clears.

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