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given these three JVM languages which would you be most likely to contribute to for an open-source :opensource: project?


What do you think of this teaser Landing Page I just wrote from scratch?


What static site generator should I try out next?

I just did my first release as the new project owner for Goblin! It's an open-source :opensource: OGM for Graph Databases that sits on top of Tinkerpop.

Check it out here:

So now that I took over the Goblin open-source :opensource: project I started cleaning up the README and other repo documentation. Its amazing how just a little bit of time and attention can make a project look significantly more professional. Logo only cost me 7 bucks too!

So I have been having a lot of fun using Spacemacs (Emacs + Vim) lately as my new IDE. Its a game changer for sure. One thing I find particularly fun is the "pretty-mode" extensions I managed to program into it (had to write my own layer that I derived from some existing code). I'll explain each aspect of pretty-mode in a second but first check out some screen shots at the bottom of this post to see what it looks like.

If anyone wants to replicate my configuration the full setup is here:

Pretty-git is the most functionally useful of them all. When you make a git commit it helps you format your git message using the standard format where you start with one keyword classifying the commit (such as fix, feature, refactor, etc) then a colon, then the text. It provides a list of selectable keywords and adds it to the git message. Moreover it can replace these keywords visually with descriptive icons (such as a little red bug for bug fixes). Later when you look through the git history you see these icons where the keywords should be making for a very nice visual representation.

My favorite is the pretty-code. Its a simple idea, it replaces certain keywords of phrases in code with equivelant mathematical symbols. So, for example null/nil/none will be replaced with the empty-set math symbol (a circle with a slash through it), similarlity stuff like not equals (!=) will be replace with an equals mark with a slash through it. You can fully customize what symbols are replaced and what it is replaced with. Also when you cursor over a symbol it temporarily reverts back to the keyword it replaced so you can see what it means. Searches and of course the underlying code itself (and in git) is unchanged.

pretty-shell is just a shell with some nice font-awesome fonts to make it pretty, usually informative so different icons might represent if a directory is a git repository or if it has staged changes and what not.

Finally pretty-outline. This basically just gives bullet points (useful in org-mode and note dating) some pretty icon representations rather than circles. Pure eye candy on this one.

What number most closely matched your preferred line width when enforcing style rules on source code?

What is your favorite Text editor for programming (IDE):

Whats your favorite Docker monitoring tool

The deeper I dive ito Spacemacs (Vim + Emacs) as an IDE the more I'm loving it. Im learning org-mode now and its pretty epic.

With that said only thing im struggling with are some of the hotkeys. The ones that start with space are easy since they provide a guide on the bottom. the ones that begin with : are easy enough too mostly because I already knew those from using vim in the past, at least the basics. But all the other that dont have a lead-in key I have no idea what they all area. I cant find a good complete cheatsheet either.

I am really falling in love with Spacemacs (Emacs+Vim) since I made the move last night to try this out as my IDE of choice.

I think one of the big factors that stopped me from using VIM more often was two fold: 1) Setup to get it working witht he basic features of a IDE were a pain 2) it is really ugly without enough at-a-glance useful info. Spacemacs solves both those problems.

The only thing I'm learning to do without right now are tabs for multiple files at the same time. Yea you can have buffers and even have them open side by side, so I'll probably make do. But multiple buffers feel like more of a mental effort to maintain than tabs.

I decided programming was getting too easy so wanted to try out a new IDE.. Going to give Spacemacs a try. Looks cool!

I really want to code more open-source Haskell but i just cant justify the lack in contribution that would result in....

So Gremlin Python ( Tinkerpop 3 ) does not have transaction support. So only way to get transaction like behavior is to make sure you do everything in a single database traversal.

Because I am writing an ORM / OGM model as my base that means I needed to implement something that looks like optimistic locking all my own (only works on immutable write-only graphs). Its a huge pain in the ass.

Anyway after half a day I finally figured out this is the traversal I need to resolve my optimistic lock when creating a single new node in the DB:

session.g.E().has('dirty',1).aggregate('x').fold().V().has('dirty',1).aggregate('x').choose(__.V().hasLabel('account').has("fingerprint", "DEADF00D").hasNot('dirty').count().is_(0),'x').unfold().properties('dirty').drop()).iterate()

Good morning everyone. I went to bed last night with a breakthrough. Finally got python's Goblin module working on the Janus GraphDB just moments before bed.

I'm super excited because that means the full tech stack is in place. full docker-compose environment, full integration tests. Everything I need for a perfect environment to start developing this project for real now!

For todays I'm going to do something a bit different. We have a lot of new users, one of the biggest surges we have seen in a while. As such a lot of new users are looking for high quality, long-standing, accounts to follow. Similarly many of the new users need some help getting attention and making new friends.

As such I am going to do this in a few parts. One for old users I have mentioned in previous posts, as well as some of the new users who have been making quality posts and been active for at least a week now. Hopefully this will be more helpful.

Also a section for some bots might be useful.

I will use a persons profile description here as I dont want to misrepresent anyone.

:awesome_slide_r: New Mentions :awesome_slide_l:

@design_RG - Books, Bicycles & Cats, Life is Good. Books, . Bikes, sport ones. Cats, any colour or size. with Virgo rising. House of Ravenclaw.

@Karthikdeva - Always a Student, Nano-Technologist, Bookworm?, and basically I don't know anything, so I might be asking some agonizing questions.

@_lunawinters - Just a human , living on a rock called Earth, floating in a giant space.

@VidyaKrishnan - Independent journalist, S. Asia


@yantrajaal - Engineer by education, teacher by profession, programmer by passion and imagineer by intention

@susi123 - வாசிப்பையும்

@Full_marx - I am a मस्त डॉन on Mastadon. I wish to build something that can be of good use to as many people as possible. Social Sciences: Propaganda Science, Social Engineering, Behavioural Science, Advertising STEM: Human-Computer Interaction Design, Web Dev, Cyber Security Noob. Multimedia: Motion Graphics, Video Production, Electronic Music Production, Abstract Film, Writing Politics: Left, Right and Center. Whichever ideology leaves the people with the most amount of Dignity, sign me up for that one.

@raining_night - I love women, food, thriller/sci-fi/slasher movies and series, astro physics, superbikes, nature and animals ❤️ not in any specific order Trying out Veganism.

@shibaprasad - Master's student. Football Fan.

@ppmanik - Believe in free speech and data privacy. Interested in physics and science in general and future of Semiconductors and related devices in particular.

:kaboom: Old mentions :kaboom:

@jump_spider - <> programming autodidact and polyglot <> meditation enthusiast

@chris - Developer focusing on , and the . Also a speaker, teacher, blogger, and pilot doing my best to make the world a better place.

@SecondJon - I'm interested in being just not civil, but excellent in interacting with others of different viewpoints in an online world where we can so viciously defend our echo chambers and be so dismissive of other perspectives. I rarely log onto the bird site of FB anymore because the interactions are unproductive about anything meaningful. I'm a , , , , Unaffiliated , Software , , Reader of paper , Card and BoardGamer, drinker, solving problems for co-workers and partners primarily with and integrating with the /SFDC platform.

@sandfox - and developer

@cwebber - User freedom activist, ActivityPub co-editor, parenthesis enthusiast, occasional artist.

@whirli -

@pschwede -

@Rovine - Born in Hong Kong, lived in Australia, working holiday in UK.

@Absinthe - The green faerie


@ae -

@metapsyche - I am a cloud of vapor. Fragmenting into ever smaller pieces to explore ever widening spaces. Web Developer by day, Pattern Hunter at night. Thinker and Tinkerer on weekends. :)

@imvectech - RESEARCH ° COOPERATE ° MONITOR ° ADAPT. Developing and teaching to implement DITO techniques for human survival between knowledge and fate.

@canonicalbrud - ; husband and father; ; tinkerer; Stephen fan, i.e. proponent of (re-)introducing and into and thus heal the modern rifts between , , and the natural /s.

@david - Value people over code. I manage WordPress Maintenance On the Internet, everyone knows I'm a dog. Follows are open both ways for me if you're nice and cool!

@Algot - Words are my friends.

@Curator - Curator of art from the instance

@Erik - Privacy, plants & politics Student CybSec @ :utwente:

:doge: Bots :doge:


@arxiv_eess - Electrical Engineering





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